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Time for a wake up call! I haven’t abandoned the blog completely. 
Lot of things has happened since last year.  Last spring I worked for three months in Norway in Aksel Vibe’s team, visited Great Britain (thanks for Jonathan Nunn :)) and learned so much during those months. In the summer I arrived back home to Finland and continued business as usual.

It’s amazing how much I could learn during the spring. After that I’ve enjoyed every day of my work. It’s pure joy when I realize that I can make shoeings and shoes this good and I know how to practice to make them all the time better and better.  I’m truly thankful to Aksel and everyone else who have given their time to help me.  Sometimes I feel the luckiest girl on earth to have such amazing possibilities. I go and knock on masters’ doors and ask “Can you teach me?” and so far few are those who have refused.

In our trade the spirit of sharing knowledge is amazing. I want to pay my debt and on my turn pass my knowledge on. What would fit better for an adventurous girl, than the great work Flying Anvil Fondation does?  In November 2014 I travelled to Rajasthan as a volunteer to teach the farrier students in the first farrier institute in India, founded by FAF.

I didn’t take only photos anymore. I also filmed during the trip to India. I have no clue about filming or making videos, and I realized that my dream of making a video out of the trip might never come true.  But again things turned out just right.  Auli Mantila, an enthusiast farrier student who happens to be a film director as well, appeared on my side to work with me. Out of the material collected in India was born a little less than 30 min long documentary film, Joy of Learning.

The film will be published in a few days, so stay tuned!


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