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Last four months I spent living one of my dreams, traveling. I was going to blog something On The Road, but soon it became clear to me, that the internet connections were too rare and slow for me to be able to put the effort for any blogging. So I decided just to enjoy. Right now when I’m back home (for a few days) I’ve been wondering what should I write here. I feel astonished of everything I saw and everyone (people and animals) I met on the way. There is just too many stories to tell. Probably everyone who have done any sort of “round the world” -trip, has the same problem.

Besides, I need to go on, in a few days I’m heading to Norway to educate myself in the shoeing and shoemaking business, (that is what I usually have to do for living :D) , so I decided not to write any long novels about adventures in a remote places in the world, even though I love writing, but I will just publish a parade of holiday pics. (You know, those holiday pics that no one is truly never interested to see :D) But as a reader of a blog you are free to choose whether to look at them or click yourself onto another site ;D

Well, I let the pics speak. I want them to be a hallelujah for trekking, hiking, tramping, camping or whatever you call it. That’s a way to travel (and live) for me. I think it’s important to be ready to bargain of the level of comfort. I want to see the places where my legs can bring me into. I’m not interested in luxury hotels, or the feel of the “security” of masses of other tourists around me.

I want to see the beautiful nature, the beautiful planet we’re living in and the best way is to take your own legs, walk into remote places and be ready to feel sometimes cold, dirty, fear, thirst etc. In the end that’s nothing compared to the beauty and adventure you’ll be rewarded.

In this post I’m going to take you to Borneo, in the oldest forests of the world, 130 million years old, and Australia, where the nature and animals are something completely different from the rest of the world, and last but not the least, to Vanuatu. A country in the Pacific Ocean, where many people still can live happily with whatever they collect from the nature. I felt privileged to be able to camp in a jungle with Ni-Vanuatus who were amazingly fit and skilled people and also willing to share their knowledge of their surroundings. Anything can be turned into something useful: food, medicine or construction material.

Oh and then I’ll have something from Nepal, but that country made such an deep impact to me, that I’ll make a separate “Nepal” post out of it… :)

And here is a place for warning: Lots of Cute Animal pics ahead!


Orangutans are the stars in Danum Valley conservation area, that is the other one of the only two primary rainforest area in Sabah, Malysia. Another one is the Maliau Basin “The Lost World”.

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