Bye Bye!


This is it.

Couple of hours ago I finished my last shoeing job for a few months. I’m soon leaving my homecountry and heading towards new adventures.

To be honest, actually it may be that I’ll be shoeing very soon indeed, because my adventures will begin today by an educational weekend trip to Sweden, where I’ll be able to do some forging and perhaps shoeing :D But anyway, this was the last customer I shod, and I feel strange and a bit melancholic. I’ve got such a great customers, the co-operation with many of them has been going on for many years. I feel bad to leave everything behind, but nice thing is, that I could arrange a substitute for everyone in need.

There is lots to arrange in the coming days. Soon after coming back from Sweden I’ll say goodbye to Finland for at least six months. I’ll probably post here something during my trips. The winter will be spent just roaming around, and hopefully I finally have time to work on some projects I’ve been planning, so the blog may not be actively updated, but in the spring I’ll be back in the shoeing business, but not in Finland :) Stay alert, I’ve decided to see and learn new things and hopefully I can share something with you as well!

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