Norwegian Championships 2013

Last week I made a visit to Norway, again. Almost my second home country, already :) Norwegian Championships is a nice competition and this year the athmosphere was quite international. Besides of competitors from Nordic countries, Norway (of course), Finland, Sweden and Denmark, there was also competitors from England. Nice! It’s getting better every year :)

Finnish team had a reason for celebration, because our very own Tommi Riikonen won the 1st division! Norwegian Aksel Vibe placed 2nd and Alan Riis from Denmark 3rd.

The 2nd division was ruled by women. From 15 attendees winner was Katinka Ødegaard from Norway, 2nd Elin Bard from Sweden and 3rd Riina Villanen from Finland (yes, that’s me :)). Hahaa, I was happy, I thought that if I succeed well, I have chances to place to top 5, but the whole thing went far better than I expected. I’ve learned something. Now I only need to learn more, it never ends. :)

3rd division was won by Daniel Bruun from Denmark, 2nd was Lena Sollien from Norway and 3rd Jesper Grimbühler from Denmark. Congrats to everyone!

Thanks for the organizers and sponsors. I love this competition! Those who weren’t there, you can enjoy the athmosphere through the pics!





Mustad has been developing a computer program to handle the results. It was working very well. No more hours and hours waiting for the results, after the class they showed up in an hour or two on the wall. The secretarians noticed something unusual in the results of the 2nd division after two classes and wrote an extra note on the result list.. ;)

My final shoeing. I could be happy with that. 70 minutes time, the task was to shoe one front with handmade from concave steel and make a specimen wedge shoe.

People are seriously trying to compete and at the same time furry assistants sneak around :)

Shoeing in 1st division final class going on.


Man in thoughts.

Find the farrier from the picture!


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