Rauland GP

One more competition behind. I arrived yesterday from Norway, Rauland Grand Prix. This was a last competition for a while, now I’m going to have a summerbreak. Unless someone succeeds to talk me into some competition again.. And that’s usually not even very difficult :D

I really enjoyed my time in Norway, as usual :) The competition itself was nicely organized in a beautiful area in the mountains. A nice and friendly atmosphere was created by the group of organizers and around 25 competitors. We had good food and accommodation was in nice cabins just around the competition arena.

That was truly a wonderful weekend for me, I was very happy to see many friends and I was also happy with my performance. I had tried each of the shoes only twice before, so I didn’t expect much, but it didn’t go so bad at all. The most happy I’m of the semifinal class where we had to shoe one front with hand made shoe and make a surprise shoe. Time was 70 minutes. Beforehand I was quite nervous if I could do that in time, but I made a plan, I could stick to it and I didn’t need to panic at all while doing the class. I had plenty of time to rasp and brush the surprise shoe, then the bell rang and class was over. I went to look at the other competitors shoes and shoeings and then it hit me. “Gooosh, I forgot there should have been a clip on the surprise shoe!” Haha, those stupid mistakes happen, and I wasn’t even upset, because I was just happy to know I could make that class far better I thought it was possible for me. I could have drawn that clip and still would had time to nicely finish the shoe, but shit happens :) In the end I placed 6th even with that stupid mistake that cost me lot of points. A good and a very educating weekend!


Competition was held in the riding hall of Rauland riding center.


Irina Ring won the 3rd division. This was Irinas second competition so far. Congratulations, well done!


On Friday evening judge Aksel Vibe gave a demo of the next days shoeing and surprise shoe. Competitors examining the trimmed foot.


It doesn’t need to be so serious always.. :D Having a spontane show and a laugh in the middle of the Friday’s demo.


The specimen shoe for the semifinals.


In the evening we had good time together in the cabins :)


Between the classes I did some hiking in the woods and had the luck to see Norwegian wildlife.


Lars Nilsen won the open class. Congratulations!


Katinka Ødegaard shoeing in final class in her blingbling!