Nordic Championships 2013

I’m finally back home from Denmark. A great trip overall! The true celebration for the whole Finnish team was Tommi Riikonen’s success, 3rd place in Nordic Championships! Tommi has been doing better year after year and now he was hunting the top placements with Henrik Berger and Jesper Eriksson. Cool!


Congratulations for winners! Henrik Berger, Jesper Eriksson, Tommi Riikonen, Michael Kukkonen, Simon G. Bodner and Bruno Jessen.

My  own placement was 31th. I hoped it to be somewhere between 20 and 30, so I didn’t reach that, but at this age I’m already used to be the one who is always progressing slowly and never being the talented star :) Most important is not to give up and to do better than before and that was my main goal anyway. I knew that It would be easy to mess everything and do even worse than last year, but by no means that was the case and that feels good!

Two classes of four went ok, but the first and last one weren’t that good. On the first class with two hind shoes everything seemed to be quite ok before I measures the shoes. 1 cm too long and I knew already that I’ve lost the game. I tried to turn the heels more in to get the measures more correct. Of course the shape was then ruined but I thought that maybe I’d get at least couple of points of the measures, but judges didn’t seem to appreciate my desperate attempts :D

It is easy to stretch the steel too much in competition because of the adrenaline rush that makes you hit much harder than at home. Also the anvils and forges are so much hotter and before you notice there has happened far more in the steel than you thought it would. I made the same mistake of hitting too hard in the next class when bumping up the German shoe. After bumping the steel was almost 2 cm too short! But that wasn’t a big problem, it was easy to stretch the branches while making the shoe ready. Next two classes with surprise shoes were a struggle, but still on the other I placed 20th, but the other… Maybe better not to talk about that :D








Bloody brush!



Tommi’s horse’s hoofs before final class. One front and one hind foot were to be shod with handmade shoes in 90 minutes.



Miracles happen in 90 minutes :D The hoofs look a bit different.


Competing is hot!


Christmastime at Mustad stand. A new cap and a bag full of presents! :)

Every woman has the Shopping Gene. Mine is in full action when I see tools…


Spent some money.


My hoofstand lacks some qualities and I have been looking a bit for a new one, but so far I haven’t seen anything suitable for me. And then in Herning in Jessen’s shop I saw exactly the stand I had imagined. I don’t even need to build any modifications to that. I had no choice, had to buy that.

This is the one I’m most happy of. The forge in the middle is now mine :) I had the old Blacksmith model that has served me 7 years  and by now it starts to be quite in pieces. I was planning to buy Forgemaster but this nice Blacksmith caught my eye.


I had to test use the forge immediately today when getting back home! The forge gets very hot with low pressure and I think in years the low usage of gas will pay me back the price of the forge.

Before the competition on Wednesday afternoon it was allowed to practice in the competition arena. Mustad arranged a small competition where you could bring your best practice shoe from Wednesday to be judged by Magne Delebekk and win some Mustad tools. Tommi won that one :)


Photo by Matilde Bøgh

It’s me in Herning! The diamond section shoe. Starting to stretch the round bar. NOW it’s allowed to hit as hard as one can!