Working and car decorating

Pheww.. At last after a week from returning from Sweden I feel that business is running as usual. Our ship arrived to Finland on Monday morning and from the harbour we drove to the forge to unpack all the tools. I had to do some preparing for the coming work week etc. and in the afternoon I drove straight from the forge to work. I had promised to shoe three horses on Monday.

The first pony was just a normal case and everything went smoothly and I drove to the next stable. I was very tired of the competition weekend and at those moments the only thought is to just get the job done and get home. Of course these are also the moments when nothing goes as planned and the next horse was brought to the shoeing straight from a visit to a horse hospital since the owners opinion was that there had been something wrong with the horse for the last couple of weeks.

There was really not much found in the hospital but of course I had to check and think about all that was found and think about the shoeing, if there should be made some changes or not etc. Well, then I started to trim the horse and almost immediately found the probable reason for his problems. There was an abscess on the right hind. He didn’t react much to that, so it hadn’t been very painful but of course it had to be treated and new appointment made later same week. This particular horse is little bit complicated to shoe otherwise too, so all this took almost two hours before the work was finished. Luckily the next horse was just an ordinary case, but on my way home I got a phone call of a suspected acute laminitis case. Vet had checked it but wanted still a farrier to make sure that there are no abscesses. Couldn’t go there anymore the same evening, but then I was there after a short sleep at 7 am next morning. It was laminitis and I took off the front shoes and placed insulation foam under the hooves. The horse was much more comfortable with the pads and seemingly so much more comfortable that when I called the next day to ask how is he doing, I was told that he got bored in the stable and started to paw and took the “boots” off very soon. So now he is standing in a soft sand. Good that they had that opportunity, very often it’s not easy to arrange. After that the week started to work out quite normally, but I was all the time tired of too little sleep.

On the weekend there finally was time to continue a project that I had to cease in the autumn. In the winter it’s just too cold and every way for me too challenging to do anything extra besides the work as usual. My everlasting project is to try to furnish my car a new and better working.


This weekend I built a new shelf into my car. There is still lot to do in the car, but already today it was so nice to work with the new shelf. Probaly all the equipment will fall down if I need to brake suddenly, so the shelf needs still some upgrading but my car was a total mess before this and I’m happy to see how much better I will get it in time. It’s not even nearly ready yet.


The shelf for shoes I built last summer and I have been very pleased with this one. It has been very usable and besides I think it looks good.


I was in the forges backroom picking tools for my car project and heard some noise. I found a poor mouse who had dropped into a bucket and couldn’t get away. I gave the mouse back his freedom, but seemingly there had earlier been also an unluckier one that no one had heard. The remains are seen in the middle.. I disabled this mousetrap by turning it around. I just don’t have anything against the mouses at our forge :)

Swedish Championships 2012

Greetings from Sweden! Weekend’s competition went overall well and our Finnish team could be quite happy with the results (except me but that’s nothing unusual :D) The winner of the division #1 was Jesper Eriksson from Sweden. The best Finn in division #1 was Tommi Riikonen 4th place. (This information is not sure, since the total results are not yet in the internet while I’m writing this) Our team got other nice placements, Antti Muro took 2nd place in division #2 and Tuomas Kauko 3rd place in division #3. In the team shoeing class where a draft horse was shod, Team Finland took the 3rd place. More results is found from  Svenska Hovslagareföreningen.

I was taking part in the division #2 but then decided in Sweden to take part also to one class in division #1 just because it’s so much fun to be forging in the arena and I had only one class every day.

So in the Saturday morning there was some action. I was forging first my before practiced div. 2 class while our other team members were cutting iron and making drawings for me for the next class that was starting immediately after. It was a surprise class, so for me it was a super surprise class since I couldn’t almost at all plan how to make the shoe because the shoe was shown while I was forging the other class. Well, I got the iron, a drawing and some instructions how the shoe should be made and I did what was told. And hell it was fun!

The other shoe in the class was the European bar shoe and that I had made only twice before, so I kind of knew how to make it but that’s all. My forge just wasn’t hot enough and I think I lost at least ten minutes with that. Still, I could make both of the shoes in time and I wasn’t even the last one in the class, so I was very satisfied overall in the end.

Without the problem with the forge I would probably even had time to concentrate a bit on the nailholes and do some finishing. Anyway, I felt like a winner, forging practically two surprise shoes and it was so much fun and bonus was the feeling “Hey, I can do this!”

And now you’ll get a load of photos from the competition:


Jesper Eriksson won the division 1 and the Swedish Championship. Congratulations!


Quite a load of horseshoes is produced during competition weekends. Here are the shoes only from a couple of classes..


Draft horse team shoeing class. Katinka Odegaard, Åsne Hagen and Fredrik Forsberg at work.


Looks like Mika Nurmi must be grinning desperately to the shoes of the guy on the next anvil :D

Antti Muro came to competition, forged the division #2 and took 2nd placement. And all this almost without practicing. I visited last weekend his forge and we did the classes a couple of times. This guy is just amazing! Or then he practises in secret. Yes, I think it must be that way… Anyway, now he is forced to start to do some training, since in division #1 I think even he can’t cope anymore just by looking the drawings of the shoes.


I have an explanation why I wasn’t the winner. I mistakenly thought this was an aerobic competition and I figured it out too late that it wasn’t that way…


We are like a big family in nordic countries, all alike. Finland, Sweden and Norway represented :)


Team Finland at work in team shoeing class. By the way, the guys named my beautiful Crothers’ vice (in the photo on the right) “Rapala”. For those of you who don’t know where the name comes from, it is the company producing for the worldwide known Finnish fishing lures :D


Shoeing a 1000kg draft horse can sometimes be hard work. Team Finland in action.


One of the shoes. 3rd place for Team Finland. Hurray!


Thomas von Troil, Finland


Per Nilsson, Sweden


Fredrik Forsberg, Sweden


We have in our team this one member who likes flowers. He tries to keep his addiction in secret, but sometimes he just can’t resist the desire to keep a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hands.. ;)

Competition weekend was just great! Heaps of thanks to organizers, all the competitors, judges and everyone else involved!